5 Ways A Bathroom Renovation Can Help Sell Your Home

5 Ways A Bathroom Renovation Can Help Sell Your Home

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Written by: Maryhinga

Although home buyers look at a house in its entirety before reaching a conclusion on whether to buy it or not, certain areas receive more scrutiny compared to others. The bathroom is one of these areas. If you are looking to sell your home fast, a bathroom remodel is a surefire bet. Most home buyers tend to check the bathroom before making the big decision whether to buy a home or not. This is because this is one of the most used rooms in the house and they want it to be the ultimate Zen oasis. Your bathroom needs to be functional and stylish. An unattractive bathroom can instantly be an instant turnoff for home buyers.

However, not all the upgrades in your bathroom sell homes. Believe it or not, there is a right and wrong way to renovating your bathroom. The right bathroom updates can recoup up to 70% of the renovation costs. When done wrong, regardless of how expensive the renovation was, it can be a significant loss. Hence, before jumping into a remodeling project, keep in mind that this is a big step you are undertaking and thus needs careful consideration.

Draws more potential home buyers

When your home is not properly kept up, it tends to attract more real estate investors rather than home buyers. Most investors plan to flip the property and resell it at a profit. Therefore, they will strive to get the property at the lowest due to extra cash they will have to put in to cater to the repairs and upgrade.

On the other hand, a house that is properly renovated will attract more home buyers. Home buyers love the allure of a fresh, beautiful, classy bathroom that reminds them of luxury. They want to envision themselves in this luxury for as long as they live in their new home. Hence, a properly renovated bathroom will help sell your home.

Here are a few smart bathroom renovation tips:


Neutralize your bathroom

A personalized bathroom makes it hard for potential homebuyers to visualize themselves living in your home. Hence, a smart renovation would involve clearing out all the clutter, personal effects and leaving the bathroom with a neutral yet inviting ambiance.


Create a fresh, Modern style

Swap your dated shower heads, taps, towel rails, and toilet roll holders for a more modern and exquisite design. These upgrades are relatively affordable and can make a big difference when done right.


Add storage space

Homebuyers are always examining the bathroom to check if there is enough storage space for all their toiletries. If your bathroom does not have enough storage space, consider installing recesses or building shelves. Open up space

If you have a small bathroom, there are some few tweaks that can help make it look more spacious. For instance, installing a large mirror helps to make a bathroom look bigger. Also, work on the lighting. Dull lighting makes a room look, small, dull, uninviting and dirty. Bright light, on the other hand, makes it sparkle.

Before making any significant upgrades, take the time to consult with a real estate agent on the bathroom upgrades you can undertake to make your home stand out from the rest in your neighborhood.

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