4 Things to Look for in a Wholesaler

4 Things to Look for in a Wholesaler

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We often turn to a variety of different options and processes when involving ourselves in the sale of property, and go to a variety of lengths to succeed. Particularly in Southern California, it is sometimes difficult to ensure that your property is sold without having to undertake strenuous ordeals, and we often turn to property wholesalers if we absolutely cannot find anyone else. While this may, in itself, be a good option, there are some things you must look for in a wholesaler before deciding to sell your property to him/her, here are four:

A good portfolio

A wholesaler with a diverse set of experiences in dealing with different styles and forms of property is always a good option since he/she will largely understand the specific dynamics of your property more than say, an individual who has never bought property in your area will. It is hence very important that you contact a wholesaler that has a diverse portfolio of investments since that wholesaler will have the ability to engage with you actively and understand your decisions regarding the price of the house.


Perhaps what is even more important that a diverse portfolio is an experience in the buying and selling of property, since experience allows wholesalers to consider options that they otherwise would not have considered. For example, if your property is distressed and requires several upgrades, but is in a location that is prime, it may be the case that an inexperienced wholesaler refuse to buy your property because of the cost of upgrades but an experienced wholesaler agree to do so, because he/she understands that upgrades will still allow them to make a profit due to the location of the property.

A Good Attitude

Some wholesalers are rough, arrogant, and downright rude. They tend to take advantage of the vulnerability of others and have a wholly aggressive and sour attitude. While those wholesalers might be experienced and might even have a diverse portfolio, you want to stay away from them because they are likely not to understand any issues that you face or any problems that you wish to resolve. On the other hand, a wholesaler who has a good and positive attitude is likely to be empathetic and understand your problems and concerns, and at the same time, make sure that you are not exploited. Especially if you are inexperienced, you should find a wholesaler that has a positive attitude.

Long-term Goals

Simply put, a wholesaler who has short-term goals of making a profit will try to exploit you as much as possible. This means that they will try to make you sell for as less as they can, and attempt to take advantage of your vulnerabilities. On the other hand, a wholesaler with long-term goals of creating a good repertoire and establishing a portfolio will consider buying your house even if he/she feels that the price is a bit high.

At Golden State Property Buyers, we are dedicated to helping those who wish to sell fast, and specialize in the purchase of distressed properties. If you agree that the factors above are important, and wish to find a wholesaler with all of the above characteristics, you have come to the right place because we buy houses in any condition!

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